short biography

Otto is a Graphic Artist who practices as Illustrator, Screen Printer and Book Artist.

Otto's image making derives from the screen printing method. His influences are Russian Constructivist designs, Polish poster art and Renaissance painting.

Otto has worked as Editorial Illustrator since graduating in 1991 from Bristol Polytechnic in Graphic Design. He has in the main been illustrating for international newspapers and magazines, The Guardian, The Economist, Libération, Le Monde, The New York Times, Der Freitag, and many others.

After an MA Illustration course at Kingston University he began creating and publishing screen printed books. His visual narratives experiment with new designs and endeavour to push the boundaries of visual language.

He shows work at major Artists’ Book Fairs in Bristol, London, New York, Berlin amongst others.

Otto runs a printmaking workshop near Bath, which has open access to other Artists.