Artists' Statement

Otto is a Graphic Artist who practices as book artist and screen printer.

Otto worked as Editorial Illustrator since graduating in 1991

from Bristol Polytechnic in Graphic Design. After a Masters in

Illustration at Kingston University in 1996 Otto was amongst a

handful of Illustrators pioneering a conceptual graphic style based

on screen print and collage, often accompanying texts on the

internet revolution.

Otto’s image making is derived from Russian Constructivist

design, which provided the visual backdrop to the political

revolution in Russia 100 years earlier.

During his career Otto made countless illustrations for numerous

international print publications including The Guardian, The

Independent, The Times, The Economist, Libération, Le Monde, The New

York Times, Der Freitag, Cicero.

Twenty years ago Otto began creating and publishing screen printed

books. His first participation at an Artists’ book fair was at the

Barbican in 1996 where he showed his conceptual visual narrative

‘Helping You Back to Work’. Since then he has been presenting books

at major Artists’ Book Fairs around the world and has now published

in excess of 50 titles.

In 2010 Otto edtablished a printmaking workshop near Bath, UK, which

also offers open access to other Artists. He has now published ten registered titles, amongst which are the screen printing manuals and the cross-cut fold scifi booklets. Otto also makes editioned screen prints.

In 2020 Otto is opening a printmaking workshop in rural Brittany.